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Rental Information


  • Hourly Rental: $65.00 (per hour) 6-Hour Minimum 

  • Daily Rental: $900.00 (24 hours)

  • Weekend Rental: $1,375.00 (Friday at noon until Sunday at noon)


All rentals require a cleaning fee of $150.00 and a security deposit of $500.00. The security deposit of $500.00 is 100% refundable provided there is no damage to the building. In most cases, we simply ask that you write two checks. The first check covers the rental fee and cleaning fee. The second check, for the security deposit, will be given back to you when you leave the building provided there is no damage to the building or property.


In order to reserve The Venue, you must pay 1/2 of the total rental fee. Example: If you want to rent The Venue for 6 hours, the total RENTAL FEE would be $390.00. You would need to pay $195.00 to reserve it. This deposit is non-refundable. On the day of your event, you would owe the remaining balance on the rental fee of $195.00 and the clean-up fee of $150.00 for a total of $345.00. The remaining balance must be paid in full before you are given access to The Venue.


Please consider the following when you are determining the amount of time you will need:

  • Set up and decorate.

  • Break down and meeting the cleaning requirements.

  • These times must be included in the rental time.

The Cleaning Requirement:

  • All trash is put into the trash cans.

  • The cooler emptied.

  • All counters, tables & bar, wiped clean.

What is included?

  • Tables are chairs are included in the rental price. We have rectangular (8 foot) tables, rectangular (6 foot) tables, round (5 foot) tables, and round bar top tables. You tell us how many tables and what sizes you want and we have them out for you to set up however you would like. 

  • A double door commercial cooler (located behind the bar). 

Additional Items

Table Linens are available for an additional cost of $16.00 per table. 

Serving pieces are available for an additional cost. Prices vary by item. 

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